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My name is Padraig McDonagh,

This E-Portfolio is an accumulation of the material, submissions, thoughts and other Educational detritus I have gathered as I complete my MSc. in Applied E-Learning in Dublin Institute of Technology.

Presently I am a lecturer in  in the College of Computing Technology in Dublin, Ireland.  I also have quite a bit of real-world IT experience, which has shaped the way I teach.  My emphasis is on real-world skills and my goal is to give students the best chance to learn skills that they will need in the real world.

You can read more about me in the Professional Development section of this site.


Below is a video I recorded on my first day on the course entitled “Hopes, Fears and Expectations” I intend to record a sequel at the end of the course to see if my hopes have been attained, my fears expelled, and my expectations exceeded!!

If you want, you can contact me by commenting on any of the pages or through the Blog which is forwarded to my own personal email.

Thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “About this site..”

  1. The e-portfolio looks great Padraig! When you have time, remember to create space for your Year 2 project to document its progress. You can also include a password-protected area to function as your supervision logbook. Well done so far though! Claire


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All my material from my MSc in Applied E-Learning