Deadline approaching….

So we now arrive at the stage of the module where the material has been covered, drafts prepared, peer discussion and feedback has been completed.  Time to wrap it up nicely in some pretty pages and tie it with a bow!  I have amassed a large amount of research material and also want to put up samples of my own work, I know what I want just not exactly how I will present it.  In our session today almost every body said they are finding it hard to concentrate on the content because the presentation is so distracting.  the old 80/20 rule is definitely coming into play, 80% of your time will be dedicated to 20% of the product.


Academic reading – how much is enough?

Am I the only one who never feels like they have read enough on a subject?  I seem to regularly reach a “critical mass” of downloaded articles and I then have to stop myself from downloading any more, read what I have and then jump back in to research.  I suppose it is a student’s/academic’s lot in life to be constantly striving to improve but information overload is definitely a downside to the job.