IDAEA Project started

Looking at it originally I thought we were going to examine instructional design, but I now realise we need subject matter to base it around so we will have to research assessment as well !!


Group work is hard fun!

We have started working on our group project.  It’s taking good shape and it’s interesting not to be the teacher!!  I am having to learn to listen to the others and not presume that everything I decide will be the only way.  The girls in the group are great, especially at keeping the project on track and stopping us from wandering off in tangents.

Two of the products we have discussed so far seem great Captivate and Articulate, I’m looking forward to getting tog rips with them and drawing my own conclusions on how they could be used in my practice.  Interesting times ahead!!

I need to reflect more on the whole group dynamic, there is so much to learned just in that aspect of the project.