#reflection on Teaching Cable Skills

What did I learn today? Teaching first years how to make network cables, no matter how clear you think the instructions are, someone will not understand. The same set of instructions given to 100 people can be heard or understood differently by each of them.
How was it useful? highlights the need to provide the instructions in written format also, make sure the crucial parts are in bold, and maybe get the student to sign to say they have read and understood the instructions – not that it will be brought to a court of law but sometimes a signature helps concentrate the mind…
What feelings/thoughts/emotions came up during the session? Frustrated at first but once I identified the main offenders it was easy to deal with them.
What did you learn? You might not always be able to explain everything on the first attempt, you might need to explain it in multiple ways, multiple times, before it gets through to everyone.
What will you do with the information i.e. what next? Next year the group will be briefed the week before, again on the day, and all asked to sign a form to say they have read and understood the instructions. I will also state that marks will be lost for not following instructions..


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