#reflection on doing assignments

What did I learn today? That group work and assignments can be very rewarding or can get messy, the group I am working in is really pulling together to get everything over the finish line in time. However, some of the student groups I supervise are struggling to act as a group and it is really showing in their output, there is a reduced amount compared to high-functioning groups and the quality is not good.
How was it useful? shows me where we are going right and perhaps apply some of the practices we used to some of my student groups for part two of their projects, things like smartsheet or some other project management tool, a “bonding” exercise?, a few small easily achievable tasks to rebuild confidence.
What thoughts came up? I need to stop every so often and analyse how I feel as a student and relate that to my own students. In every assignment there should be a clear and easy to follow marking scheme which details deliverables, without providing answers of course!
What did you learn? Sometimes as a course progresses the student get pushed to the side in the rush to assess and mark and feed back
What will you do with the information i.e. what next? Over the break I will re-assess my assessment timetable fo rthe upcoming semester and see if there are ways to make it more “sympathetic” and more streamlined for feedback.


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