#reflection on TPACK

What I learn today? About a framework called TPACK for evaluating in teaching, it stands for Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge can be found here http://www.editlib.org/p/29544/article_29544.pdf
How was it useful? Serves as a way of balancing use of technology and teaching and content.
What thoughts came up during the session? That this is a useful way to examing the balancing act that we need to do between teaching, technology, and content. I have mostly just looked at teaching and technology but content and CONTEXT are important and must be considered.
What did you learn? More of an affirmation of my own beliefs that technology is an enabler but not a solution.
What will you do with the information i.e. what next? Read more, especially from the two authors , as it certainly seems appropriate to my current studies.


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