#reflection on Cognitive Schemas

What was covered in the session today? Introduced students to physical equipment which they will be working with over the coming semester. I gave them very little information and asked them to research and document the pieces of equipment they got.
How was it useful? It should help me get an idea of the level they are at to start with. Also, as I will be using a simulation package with them I wanted them to have actual devices to relate to. I also encouraged them to post their work in the online forums for others to see.
What thoughts came up during the session? Students were getting more information than I expected and most them were able to find the purpose of each device quite easily. I was impressed with their research skills.
What did you learn? That group work definitely increases the output, i.e. the output of a group of four is greater than the sum of four individuals. There is a big difference between their abilities at the start of semester one and semester two which will help me with material preparation going forward. It also confirmed that people prefer to see the equipment as early as possible and it should make my references to the devices in lectures easier to relate to.
What will you do with the information i.e. what next? Continue to use the equipment for reference and make sure that they get to do at least one lab where they connect all the devices to each other and troubleshoot the networks.


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