#reflection on online interaction

What did I learn today? There is a great onus on the student to proactively do work and be self-directed for totally online courses. Although I thought the once weekly sessions were not much contact they are surprisingly supportive compared to fully online even with live webinars
How was it useful? I have to build this in to any planning for online courses, the dynamic is different, the connect is different and the online “presence” of the tutor must be very obvious
What thoughts came up ? I need to look at techniques for staying connected to students, live “feeds” twitter visibility, slack, whatsapp, maybe multiple channels.
What did you learn? Online teaching is not just about putting up material, send a few emails and posting in forums. I am doing a bit of that with my face to face students and I can even see loss of engagement if I don’t respond online in a timely manner
What will you do with the information i.e. what next? Practice more with my face to face, maybe flip a class so that material etc. happens online and I can still support and get feedback in the classroom.


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