#reflection on Online Groups

What did I learn today? That working in groups online helps avoid learners falling behind. If one of the group has to step back or is busy with work etc. the group can carry them – but only for so long
How was it useful? I want to try run a short online course, so basing the large activities around group working should increase the chances of success
What thoughts came up during the session?Online communities can be just as strong as F2F ones, the groups I have been involved with so far have been very understanding and great at helping me catch up on my own work…
What did you learn? That it is harder to hide in an online group. There is an online “audit trail” of everyone’s contribution which makes it more obvious who the passengers are
What will you do with the information i.e. what next? I run some project groups and they have been using Google drive for all their documentation. I’m going to start using the activity tracker in Google Drive as one of, but not the only, ways of measuring individual contributions to a group project.


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