#reflection on Assessment Writing

What did I learn today? That when writing assessments, especially with software involved, you need to be VERY specific with instructions.
How was it useful? I have given second year students assignments, these are experienced students who are used to taking instructions. However, a number of them are having problems with field names and variables because they are not following naming conventions from the instructions
What thoughts came up? It’s something I have come across before but I have to be careful as there is a thin line between giving someone instructions and giving them the answer.
What did you learn? I need to test my assessments much more, I was sure this one was "bullet proof", I need to re-think some of my assessments as there is a breakdown in communications I need to fix it, it is not the student’s responsibility.
What will you do with the information i.e. what next? Review my instructions and take so time to assess and feedback myself on assessments after I have corrected them. Look for issues and areas for improvement.


#reflection on e-Portfolios

What did I think about today? Updating my e-portfolio and I found that for me the hardest part is organising the site, it’s like trying to organise one’s thoughts. How was it useful? This could be a very useful exercise, if I can recognise how I organise my thoughts then it will not only help wth my site structure, but also with my personal learning. it’s a win-win!! What thoughts came up? Read a paper by Muireann O’Keefe from DIT at http://arrow.dit.ie/libart/9 on supporting students creation of e-portfolios on the course that I am doing! the paper talks about using the e-portfolio for reflection and as an opportunity for creativity among other things and it occurred to me that these are aspects that are very unique to each learner What did you learn? That my e-portfolio does not have to be like anyone else’s that it is OK to borrow formats or concepts or techniques, so long as they make sense to me, and I can fit them into my way of organising information. What will you do with the information i.e. what next? Continue to develop my e-portfolio, I donwloaded an offline copy to compare to the next “version” I am working on and hope to keep track of the way it changes over time. References OKeeffe, Muireann, “Exploring Supports Provided for Student ePortfolio Development in a Professional Development Context” (2012). Articles. Paper 9. http://arrow.dit.ie/libart/9