#reflection on Research Terms

What did I learn today? “Epistemology is the Ology of Knowledge” It’s a line from David James in a talk that can be seen below
How was it useful? It helped to identify my approach to knowledge acquisition, not just for Research purposes, but also for material preparation, and general approaches to learning.
What thoughts came up ? That it is a personal thing, how we construct knowledge is affected by how we approach knowledge acquisition, research, and our research will be both informed and “tainted” by our own personal preferences.
What did I learn? Not to get hung up on Epistemology, it IS important, but it is personal and unique to each researchers.
What will I do with the information i.e. what next? Identify my Epistemology, and work within its constraints, recognise that it can never be 100% accurate, it just needs to be supported by reason and argument.


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