#reflection on Evaluation

What did I learn today? That I need to stake a step back from my artefact and try to evaluate it with a critical eye.
How was it useful? Because I may be adding to my workload unnecessarily,
What thoughts came up ? That I need to think more about what I will measure and how.
What did I learn? Just thinking about evaluation is a worthwhile process because it identifies gaps and areas to concentrate on.
What will I do with the information i.e. what next – Look at my questions, look at the types of questions others have asked on similar products and identify the key points I need/want to evaluate.


#reflection on Research Results

What did I learn today? That some attempts tomsupport students may have negative effects. It struck me that if I create screencasts to support tutorials then students may not come to class!How was it useful? It was a good eye-opener to the fact that I need to be as unbiased as possible in my research. There may be adverse effects to my implementation so I need to see if there is research on this.
What did I think? That I might be facilitating students who can’t make class and those who won’t want to go to class.
What did I learn? That there are no black & whites in research and there may be negative as well as positive results…
What next? Find some papers, books, or research which mention this situation. Plan my tutorials so that there is a lecture element included which may reduce this selective absenteeism.