#reflection Research results

What did I reflect on today? the phrase “intended and unintended consquences” Donnelly & Seery (2011) resonated with me.
How was it useful? While reviewing my notes I identified a number of results which were not in my mind at the start of the project. Such as helping students find reliable sources of information, improving their research skills. Also my notes and tutorial structures have changed as a result of the screencasts and in my mind have improved lab instructions.
What thoughts came up ? That the unintended have equal if not greater importance than the intended.
What did I learn? I referred to my project recently as an Onion, with many layers, this is another illustration of that analogy.
What will I do with the information i.e. what next? Review my observation journal again to see if I have missed anything else in my results.

Seery, M. K., & Donnelly, R. (2012). The implementation of pre-lecture resources to reduce in-class cognitive load: A case study for higher education chemistry. British Journal Of Educational Technology, 43(4), 667-677.


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