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#reflection on e-Portfolios

What did I think about today? Updating my e-portfolio and I found that for me the hardest part is organising the site, it’s like trying to organise one’s thoughts. How was it useful? This could be a very useful exercise, if I can recognise how I organise my thoughts then it will not only help wth my site structure, but also with my personal learning. it’s a win-win!! What thoughts came up? Read a paper by Muireann O’Keefe from DIT at on supporting students creation of e-portfolios on the course that I am doing! the paper talks about using the e-portfolio for reflection and as an opportunity for creativity among other things and it occurred to me that these are aspects that are very unique to each learner What did you learn? That my e-portfolio does not have to be like anyone else’s that it is OK to borrow formats or concepts or techniques, so long as they make sense to me, and I can fit them into my way of organising information. What will you do with the information i.e. what next? Continue to develop my e-portfolio, I donwloaded an offline copy to compare to the next “version” I am working on and hope to keep track of the way it changes over time. References OKeeffe, Muireann, “Exploring Supports Provided for Student ePortfolio Development in a Professional Development Context” (2012). Articles. Paper 9.


#reflection e-Portfolios

What was covered in the session today? We presented our e-portfolios to each other but we also explained the rational behind design choices and content choices. How was it useful? It showed where everyone is in their work but it also generated a lot of ideas that could be incorporated into our own work. It was great to see the different ways to present, organise and most importantly what to include. What thoughts came up during the session? At the moment there is an obvious divide between the content and the presentation with different people falling on different sides of the fence. There is a great opportunity to help each other with our strengths and weaknesses. What did you learn? The portfolio is an important academic and personal resource, I thought if it purely as a piece of coursework but have now come to regard it as a very important personal resource which I need to develop further. What will you do with the information i.e. what next? Schedule in some regular time every week to work on the e-portfolio and look at ways of getting students to construct something similar for themselves. It could also be assessed as part of their web design course.