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#further reflection on Muddiest point


What did I learn today? That there may be further research from my current project on an issue called the “muddiest point”
How was it useful? I was reading back over material from my literature review and I was again looking at the paper which mentions the muddiest point, Pinder-Grover, Green, and Millunchick (2009) and a section from a journal written by Mosteller (1989) explaining the concept.
What thoughts came up ? The term muddiest point is used to describe an area or concept that students are struggling with. Identifying and addressing these muddy points can be really helpful to students (obviously??) Pinder-Grover, Green, and Millunchick suggest using screencasts to explain these muddy points.
What did I think? Getting students to admit that they do not understand something is a tough job, how could I use an App or some software for anonymous polls during lectures to identify muddy points?
What will I do with the information i.e. what next? Start looking at a couple of ways to identify apps that are suitable, comes to mind, it was featured in the DIT 12 apps of Christmas 2014 and I used it for a couple of in-class polls but more for demonstration purposes.

Green, K. R., Pinder-Grover, T., & Millunchick, J. M. (2011). The efficacy of screencasts to address the diverse academic needs of students in a large lecture course. Advances in Engineering Education, 1-28.

Mosteller, F. (1989). The ‘Muddiest Point in the Lecture’as a feedback device. On Teaching and Learning: The Journal of the Harvard-Danforth Center, 3, 10-21.