Instructional Design and E-Authoring

This module covered a number of disciplines, but in particular Instructional Design and E-authoring.  Our group agreed on creating a resource for Teachers and Trainers to help them choose the correct technology of rdifferent types of assessment.

The full resource can be reached by clicking on the image below

Image of screen for Instructional Design Project
Technical Assessment Screen

The resource itself is only part of the work that went into creating the site.  Before that happened we had to have a lot of discussions around things such as the objective of the resource, the scope of the project and very importantly the instructional design model that we should use.

A copy of our project plan, which was originally created using smartsheet, a sample of which can be seen below

Small version of the smartsheet we used for planning the project
Smartsheet sample plan

We also created storyboards for each resource using different software/techniques, Powerpoint, storyboard that website, and plain old pen and paper.



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