For my methodology I chose Action Research, as it puts the researcher in the project and it suited to teacher/researcher. Action research recommends an approach of Identfiy, Think, Do, Evaluate, Modify also known as ITDEM (Norton 2001). I came up with a mixed method diagram to plan my approach below:
Graphic showing methods for research

It derives from my post-positivist stance on Research, I believe there are many factors and many views that contribute to meaning and that simply observing one cause and effect is insufficient. My classmates and I had many debates and communication over Epistemology and Ontology, two resources we found helpful were Grix (2002) and a Youtube video from David James in the University of Cardiff shared by one of the class below.

Grix, J. (2002). Introducing students to the generic terminology of social research. Politics, 22(3), 175-186.


All my material from my MSc in Applied E-Learning

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