Online Debate – Online Learning Involves Too Much Clicking

The topic of the debate is “online learning at present involves too much clicking and not enough learning”

The team was set the task of debating against this motion.

First task is to generate an argument of my own, contribute to the team discussion and then compile a list of questions to ask the other team.

My argument is that bad design can lead to too much clicking and not enough learning, as Jesse Stommel says in his blog, “Don’t let your learning management system tell you how to teach. The LMS can be rearranged like chairs in your classroom. Hacking digital tools should not be limited to apps and social media platforms. Approach every interaction with the digital as an opportunity to shape your teaching and to enable students to shape their own learning. – See more at:”

A good teacher will approach an online course with pedagogy at the forefront.  What is it you want to teach?, next, they will look at content and the different methods for presenting and communicating this information.  Finally they should select a technology or delivery channel for the material.

There have been many studies conducted into material presentation and course design Koehler, Mishra, Hershey, Peruski (2004) and minimising student effort to get to material,


Koehler, M. J., Mishra, P., Hershey, K., & Peruski, L. (2004). With a little help from your students: A new model for faculty development and online course design. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 12(1), 25-55.


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