Outside the group work

Some of the tasks we completed on the module involved individual contributions.

Ice-Breaker – We had to talk about ice breakers we use in face to face (if any) and how they can help with getting students to familiarise themselves with the online environment and as part of the socialisation process that Salmon (2009) mentions as part of her 5 stage model

Image of Gilly Salmon's 5 stage model for e-moderating
Source: http://www.gillysalmon.com/five-stage-model.html

For mine, I used an ice breaker from about five years ago that I used with secondary school students doing a taster course called “Which Simpsons Character are You?”, you can download a copy of it here Icebreaker

We also had to choose a video from a range of talks on online education from http://online.cofa.unsw.edu.au/learning-to-teach-online/ltto-episodes and say why we chose it.  Then we had to comment on each other’s choices and reviews.  For my video I chose “Considerations for choosing technology for teaching” which didn’t mention any specific technology but did give great advice on all the factors that should influence your choice, such as content, context, learner profile, and much more.  Here is the video:


Salmon, G. (2012). E-moderating: The key to online teaching and learning. Routledge.


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