Early Reflections on Learning

20th September 2014 – I reflected back on a recent group exercise in class.

I felt that one student was dominating the exercise,  although they put up what they felt was the correct diagram I didn’t agree and didn’t stop them. BUT who was right? I was only considering my own opinions as being the one true way.  Was there a “wrong” answer??

If I was running it as an exercise how would I have structured it?  Time was a big factor.  Perhaps I could have issued it as a homework exercise and when people came back the next week they combined their efforts into a group.  are there papers to support this method?  Does it fall under social constructivism?  Did I feel I gained something from the experience?  I know now I did but not necessarily the primary learning objective.

I find it interesting to discuss theories and teaching methods offline and in class, is it changing my ways or confirming I am following best practice?

Is there a “killer app” for education that I can use?

I looked looked at previous portfolios and downloaded and installed adobe captivate – two weeks later still have not used it.  Will it really help my students?  My idea was to embed questions in short video clips.  Similar to the example of Coursera which I saw during Daphne Koller’s TED talk – PUT LINK TO TALK HERE>   I found some old discussions on how Youtube had it as a Beta feature at one stage but withdrew it.  There are now commerical alternatives but I am oath to pay for it if it doesn’t work for me.

Still learning and thinking about learning what a tangled web.  I decided to incorporate the spiral curriculum into my section on constructivism but I wanted to tailor it to my course.  I tried to do a little research on how to represent it and animate it using 3D software called which I use as part of one of my classes and I went off on a complete tangent.  If I learn something completely unrelated to what I set out to learn in the first place does it still count as a valid learning experience?


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