Early Reflections on Study

I have started reading in 20 minute chunks, I feel, but cannot yet prove that this is a better method for me.  I need to find some studies on study and see what works for academic reading.  How does my study technique relate to cognitive theory or other learning theories?

I reflected with a colleague the other day on how we are getting re-wired to study multiple stimuli simultaneously…

I have also started noting times of day that I read a piece at to see if I can detect a pattern of when I retain best – this method is taken from example of school of one, where they analyse students learning and achievement and can even estimate the best time of day for each one!

I have been trying to find some sort of way of centrally organising all the material I am finding, websites, articles, TED talks, Youtube videos, Blogs – the obvious answer if the e-portfolio!!

Need to work on that and map the structure of the site today – version 1  is here but I know I need to be prepared to change it….


Study going well but I need to formalise it a bit more, I thought being a teacher would mean that I would immediately be an excellent student – not so!!  If anything it probably makes me a worse one as I look for ways to shortcut or introduce “efficiencies” into my study techniques.


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