Early Reflections on Teaching

September 27th 2014 16:01

I have started teaching in a way more structured manner than previous years.  I always had lectures and some idea of what labs would be done if time allowed but nothing concrete.  Now I have lesson plans and timings!!

I have already changed my lecture structure to include at least 3 activities per class

I will be trying to include Labs and quizzes next

I introduced activities to the third year classes and reduced number of overall slides.  Need to start putting up links to external material and asking them to provide some good ones themselves…

Have changed the third year subject teaching method, from week one they have to start thinking about design strategies themselves – notes are there and the lecturing covers best practice but am trying to give them as much free reign as possible, they build a base network and every week they will add to it… Class seemed to be engaged it highlighted those who were trying and asked insightful questions.  Also showed who is looking to be handheld and I need to consider how to inspire self-development – Socratic method?  Usually answer a question with a question but want to keep them asking the questions.

Will try to see how much I learn from them – last year they gave me new information on a subject I had been teaching for 8 years!!- DHCP mechanism



Since introducing activities into lectures am finishing faster rather than later!!

Subsequent slides are easier to present and refer back to the activity they just did!!


Went to conference on elearning courses Cisco I was viewing everything they were showing wondering what the theoretical underpinnings were for each course/module/objective


On the way home today I had a mini “Damascus” moment, it struck me that adapting all my teaching for Contructivist learning is all very well and good but ONLY if it can be understood by the students.  So for example I take an old set of notes, create an activity to scaffold the learners and add it to my lecture. But what if the learner still has no clue what i am trying to achieve?? What if they don’t understand the instructions??  I need to take a step back from my previous step back and not only look at the learning experience but also the learner and try to appreciate how the activity must look to someone who doen’t know as much as I do.

One of the measures I am thinking of taking   is to start to create a glossary of terms that they may not have seen before (some of the students are not native english speakers) and I really need to put myself in their shoes and try to approach the activities with not so much an open mind as a blank one!!

More to follow…..


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