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#reflection on Research Terms

What did I learn today? “Epistemology is the Ology of Knowledge” It’s a line from David James in a talk that can be seen below
How was it useful? It helped to identify my approach to knowledge acquisition, not just for Research purposes, but also for material preparation, and general approaches to learning.
What thoughts came up ? That it is a personal thing, how we construct knowledge is affected by how we approach knowledge acquisition, research, and our research will be both informed and “tainted” by our own personal preferences.
What did I learn? Not to get hung up on Epistemology, it IS important, but it is personal and unique to each researchers.
What will I do with the information i.e. what next? Identify my Epistemology, and work within its constraints, recognise that it can never be 100% accurate, it just needs to be supported by reason and argument.


#reflection on Teachers as learners

What did I learn today? Read an article today that resonated with me here https://usergeneratededucation.wordpress.com/2015/02/15/educators-as-lead-learners/ How was it useful? It reminded me that we need to craft the experiences for our learners to suit them, not us. But also, we need to reflect on and record the steps we take when we learn something for the first time, especially if we will be teaching. It’s good to capture the thought processes we usedto help our undertanding and build it into our teaching. What thoughts came up ? We don’t often have to learn a new technology ourselve (for teaching) but when we do we should document and reflect on the process. What will I do with the information i.e. what next? Try it out with some new peice of software I am thinking of using in the class, see how I approach the learning and try to think through explaining or sharing that thought process with others. Image of the process a teacher goes through when learning

#reflection on TPACK

What I learn today? About a framework called TPACK for evaluating in teaching, it stands for Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge can be found here http://www.editlib.org/p/29544/article_29544.pdf
How was it useful? Serves as a way of balancing use of technology and teaching and content.
What thoughts came up during the session? That this is a useful way to examing the balancing act that we need to do between teaching, technology, and content. I have mostly just looked at teaching and technology but content and CONTEXT are important and must be considered.
What did you learn? More of an affirmation of my own beliefs that technology is an enabler but not a solution.
What will you do with the information i.e. what next? Read more, especially from the two authors , as it certainly seems appropriate to my current studies.

#reflection of Pre-Class Resources

What I learn today? Found a paper on pre-class resources by Donnelly & Seery (2012)
How was it useful? It could help reduce the cognitive load on students before and during class. If they have some familiarity with what will be coming up, even terminology, it could help with classes
What thoughts came up? This will tie in nicely with feedback I got from International students last semester on the amount of information they are trying to process in class and through my notes
What did you learn? That there is lots of work out there that I can draw on to help prepare for my classes/courses
What will you do with the information i.e. what next? Contact the authors and also examine whether or not this would be a suitable method/model for helping to flip the classroom.

Reference : Seery, M. K. and Donnelly, R. (2012), The implementation of pre-lecture resources to reduce in-class cognitive load: A case study for higher education chemistry. British Journal of Educational Technology, 43: 667–67

#reflection on pre-lecture resources

Getting ready for next semester and decided to research pre-lecture quizzes similar to the “do I know this already” quiz in some of the Cisco books by Wendell Odom. I was thinking of doing this because I found it helpful when I was revising and tried to see how I could incorporate it into my lectures.Lo and behold I did a quick search on Google and the first result was http://arrow.dit.ie/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1040&context=scschcpsart entitled

“The implementation of Pre-Lecture Resources to
Reduce In-Class Cognitive Load: A Case Study for
Higher Education Chemistry”

Written by Michael Seery and Roisin Donnelly from DIT where I am studying, so I might have access to the people who wrote on exactly the same thing. Having read it I’ll have a look at which of my lectures are suitable in their current format for this approach and try to identify an assessment which I can use for measurement of the effect.