Some of the technologies I have been using since I started this course

Logo for Expression Encoder 4

This free software allows you to capture screen and microphone and comes with a very sophisticated set of editing tools.  I have used it to create a screencast for my Learning Theories module (the sound quality issue is my fault not the program) You can download it here, and below is the video I created.  I used it to create my original screencasts in first year but ended up using ActivePresenter (below) for my second year project.

If This Then That Logo

I was introduced to this site by one of my classmates, Alan, and it has been the single-most transformational technology for me.  IFTT (If This Then That) allows you to create “recipes” which automate processes when events occur.  It sounds complicated, but he shared a recipe which prompts you with an email every week after class to reflect.  If you click on a reply link within the message it inserts it into a google drive spreadsheet.  I took it one step further by changing the frequency to daily (weekdays only) and adding a special email address to the reply which automatically creates a blog post for me. The reflections can be found here, and IFTT is available at https://ifttt.com/

Screenshot of daily prompt email


Paper.li Logo

A nifty tool which I saw on the Top 100 tools for learning when we were doing Instructional Design, and I was reminded of it again when I joined the 12 Apps of Christmas created by Frances Boylan from DIT (although she used instapaper).  It is still up for people to visit and is well worth a look.   Back to paper.li, I use it to create  newsletter for my third year students highlighting computer security stories online.  I am trying to raise their awareness of the level of attacks, the technical details behind them, and the real-world application of what they are learning.  So far reaction has been mixed but I am persevering and hope to see an impact come exam time.  You can visit my newsletter by clicking the image below

paper.li screen

Active presenter Logo SmallActivePresenter is the main tool I used to create screencasts as part of my second year project and for subsequent classes.  The personal version is free to use and it comes with a huge range of outputs, formats and authoring options.  I know I only scratched the surface of it’s capabilities but for me they were enough to create a valid, manageable artefact to support students.  A link to the playlist of screencasts I created using active presenter is below



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