Some of the technologies I used to keep up-to-date and to keep my students up-to-date include Gooobits, ScoopIt, & PaperLi.  PaperLi unfortunately did not work well for me and I had to drop it in favour of ScoopIt! which has worked brilliantly for me and integrates with my Twitter and LinkedIn giving me the ability to post once and reach multiple audiences.  below are links/screenshots to the three resources.


Goodbits provides Platotonic, an email newsletter managed by myself and two fellow students from the MSc. Despite the others having to defer their second year due to work commitments they have continued to contribute and we are now up to issue 24 (it comes out approximately every fortnight during the school year).  We share articles we find, and add our own comments to them before circulating to subcribers from Industry and Academia.




ScoopIt! Is the site I use to curate stories about Cyber Security, Hacking and Networks. These are the main topics I teach to my Degree and Honours Degree classes.  It gives me the the ability to link to stories, provide my own insight, whether it is why the article is important or just my opinion on it.  It also plugs into my LinkedIn and Twitter feeds so my ex-students and colleagues can be notified of new posts.  This one-stop publishing approach has been a huge timesaver and has helped me to cultivate Community of Practice (COP) which has provided me with links to Industry to guest speakers and internships.

A link to my ScoopIt! page is here





All my material from my MSc in Applied E-Learning

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